Meet The Team: Midfielder Steeve Saint-Duc

This is part of our series where we reach out to Lansing Ignite players and coaches in an effort to get to know them before the season starts. Today we talk to midfielder Steeve Saint-Duc. Steeve was loaned from LAFC to Strommen IF last year, and has played for the Haitian U20 Team.

Westen Shelton: What position do you play, and how would you describe the way you play? What do you think The Assembly Line will enjoy most about the way you play?

Steeve Saint-Duc: I play as a wide midfielder or attacking midfielder. The way I play can be described as exciting, creative and energetic.

I think the Assembly Line will enjoy the excitement I bring through my speed and creativity. I’m very passionate on the field also. They will also enjoy how I play defense and work hard. This was a part of my game that was very much improved during my time in Norway. This was part of my game coach Bradley insisted I work on during preseason with LAFC.

WS: You were signed by LAFC last year, and then loaned out to a team in Norway. What do you hope to work on and improve this year in order to get back to a MLS team?

SSD:  Great question. That is a future career goal of mine. Lansing Ignite has offered me an opportunity to compete for a starting spot each week. I’m very grateful for that. I plan to work hard to earn a starting spot each week and be able to play week in and week out at a competitive level in a competitive league.

This is something I didn’t have in the past. In Norway, I trained and played with their academy U19s and the second team. I believe playing competitively week in and week out will help me to achieve my long-term goal. I look forward to learning from Coach Miller and his staff to improve my tactical development and become a more complete player.

WS: Can you tell me a little about your experience playing for the U20 Haitian team last year? What was something memorable that you took away from that?

SSD: It was a great experience. I hadn’t represented my country since 2016 when I was a part of the U17. It was another opportunity to play with many friends I had not seen in some time. It’s always a memorable experience to represent my country. I’m very proud of that opportunity and hope to continue to do at the senior level. I think the whole experience was memorable.

Photo courtesy of CONCACAF

WS: Coach Nate has a very aggressive pressing/attacking system, as you know. Is this a style of play you are accustomed to from other teams, and how do you see your skillset fitting with an attack minded system?

SSD: I was very excited to sign with Lansing for this particular reason. I love this philosophy of football. If we can press teams, not allow them to play and turn them over higher up the pitch then players like me can be more effective on the counter attack. My speed, athleticism and work ethic will help me do the work necessary to make this playing style a success.

WS: I assume most of your career you’ve been playing in pretty warm areas. How do you feel about playing in some pretty cold weather in Lansing for at least a month or two out of the year? Did your experience in Norway last year help prepare you for this at all?

SSD:  Yes, I heard Lansing is pretty cold but has pretty warm and friendly people. I think Norway was the coldest place I have played in my life. The experience in Norway has prepared me for Lansing weather. I’m so glad I had an opportunity to play in Norway and develop that tolerance. I will be ready. It’s funny because many young players from Haiti dream of playing in Europe. Not many, me included, really thought about the cold weather they play in in places like England, Germany, France, Scandinavia and other places like that.

WS: What was your favorite moment you have ever had on a soccer field?

SSD: Winning the CFU (Caribbean Football Union) U17 World Cup qualifiers as part of the Haitian U17 team is my favorite moment ever so far on a soccer field. Lifting a trophy with my teammates and qualifying for CONCACAF qualifiers is something I will never forget.

Photo Courtesy of SawPanse

WS: What hobbies do you have when you aren’t playing soccer?

SSD: Easy one. I love playing my video games. My Xbox goes everywhere with me and will be traveling to Lansing. I can’t wait to get to Michigan and get on the field though.

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