Meet The Team: Midfielder Kyle Carr

This is part of our series where we reach out to Lansing Ignite players and coaches in an effort to get to know them before the season starts. Today we talk to midfielder Kyle Carr. Kyle made the All Central Conference PDL team last year at Lansing United. He also played for Liberty University.

Westen Shelton: For those who didn’t watch Lansing United and haven’t seen you play, can you tell me a little about where you play on the field, and how you play the game? What do you think The Assembly Line will enjoy most about the way you play?

Kyle Carr: I typically play in the center of midfield, which suits me because I like to facilitate play as much as possible; both going forward and in defense.  I think the Assembly Line will enjoy my work rate and balanced technical ability.

WS: I saw an article from January 2017 about how you were going to be at the NPSL player showcase to try and become a pro. Two years later, you have made that dream a reality. Can you tell me a little about your journey the past 2 years to get to this point? Did you ever feel like it wasn’t going to happen for you?

KC: It was a tough journey to get to this point, and I’m very grateful for this opportunity to prove myself now.  After that player showcase, I went on two trials with teams in the USL Championship.  Those did not result in a contract offer, and I was pretty gutted.  I didn’t think it was going to work out for me, so I moved to Nashville, TN. While there, I joined an adult league and refound my love for the game.  I called Coach Miller in January 2018, and he said he was willing to give me a shot with Lansing United which went really well! Coach recruited an incredible team and they pushed me to regain my form each day.

WS: In that same article about the player showcase, there is a quote from Nate Miller about what you bring to the table. Can you tell me a little about your past experiences with Nate as a coach, and what it means to now be playing for him as a pro?

KC: Coach Miller is the most passionate individual I know, and to play for him again in the pros seems a bit surreal.  He has my trust as both a player and a man.  I’m excited to start this new chapter with him!

WS: Every player I’ve talked to has mentioned Nate’s attacking, high press style. Why do you think that style of play has been effective for the way you play in your past experiences with Lansing United? You were one of the two guys on the team to get all conference honors last year.

KC: Yea, I can’t wait to get on the field to start showcasing our style-of-play.  We plan on keeping all the supporters on the edge of their seats for GOOD reasons.  I think the style really suits my play because it gives me enough freedom to create and take chances.

WS: What was your favorite moment you have ever had on a soccer field?

KC: I’ve had some good memories over the years, but one definitely stands out.  In PK’s in the semifinal of the MILK CUP, this past summer at Lansing United, Joe White consecutively blocked a PK (to tie us up), buried a PK top bins (to put us ahead), stopped another PK (to send us to the final), AND, to top it off, he caught a ball that an opponent spitefully kicked at him and tossed it back to him. Unreal scenes! Look it up on YouTube if you don’t believe me.

Editor’s Note: Seriously. That game was awesome. Check it out. Kyle also modestly left out his excellent cross assist which helped tie the game late.



WS: What hobbies do you have when you aren’t playing soccer? And since you’ve been in Lansing before, what are some of your favorite things to do around the city?

KC: I like to read. Being active: I like frisbee golf, tennis, biking, ping pong, and spike ball. I really want to learn how to do pottery (if you know anyone, let me know!) Also, hanging with friends, watching movies, or playing games. Apart from a few coffee shops, I haven’t explored Lansing very much at all, so I’m happy I’ll have another chance to do that soon.

WS: I have to ask as several people have mentioned it. We couldn’t help but notice that your epic man bun was gone in the press release photo. Is it gone for good?!

KC: Hahah yes it is gone right now! Fortunately, my hair grows faster than average, so we may have a return sooner than expected!

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