Meet The Team: Defender Kevin Coiffic

This is part of our series where we reach out to Lansing Ignite players and coaches in an effort to get to know them before the season starts. Today we talk to Defender Kevin Coiffic. Kevin is from France and originally played for FC Lorient’s youth team. Since moving to America, he has played for Broward College, Young Harris College, and FC Miami City.

Westen Shelton: What position do you play, and how would you describe the way you play? What do you think The Assembly Line will enjoy most about the way you play?

Kevin Coiffic: I play centerback, and I would say that my aerial ability and the defensive aspect are my strengths, but I really enjoy finding the passes between the lines or on the opposite side of the field with the long balls. I am always trying to improve that part.

WS: Can you tell me a little about your soccer journey to this point? I am especially curious as to why you decided that America was the best place for you to further your career.

KC: So I started to play for FC Lorient’s youth academy when I was 17 and played there for two years. Before that, I was playing for a local team in my hometown.

At the end of my second year with Lorient, they did not offer me a professional contract, so I needed to figure it out what to do. And the U.S was a good opportunity for me to play soccer, study, learn a new language and culture. It was a great opportunity, and I don’t regret it at all.

Photo Credit: Young Harris Athletics

WS: What kind of conversations have you had with Nate about the way the backline will play this season?

KC: We haven’t talked much about the way we will play this season in the back line. He knows that I can play with three or four defenders in the back. It was the first time playing 3 in the back for me last season with Young Harris, and it was great, so I will feel comfortable playing either of these formations in the back line.

WS: What was your favorite moment you ever had on a soccer field?

KC: I have had many good memories on the soccer field. If I had to take one, I would say the season that I had recently with Young Harris. We won 17 games in a row, won many titles and were ranked number one in the nation for a while. We had a great team and I enjoyed playing with them the whole season.

We became conference champion in the craziest game I have ever played in front of a big crowd in North Georgia. We were down 2-1, and I tied the game on a corner kick with six seconds left in regular time, and we then went to overtime. And in overtime, we managed to score at the end as well with nine seconds left and became champion.

WS: What hobbies do you have when you aren’t playing soccer?

KC: The big one I have besides hanging out with friends, listening music etc., is that I am a big poker player! I started to play online when I was 18, and I still play often either online or live.

Kevin was not joking about being an avid poker player.

WS: What personal goals do you have for yourself this year? What are you hoping to work on and develop to make it to the next level?

KC: I just want to improve in every part of the game, physically and technically. I am also excited to get insight and work with the coaching staff on becoming a better player.

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