Meet The Supporters: Mariah Fedewa

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This is part of our weekly series where we meet some of the people who will be joining the Assembly Line this year. Keep an eye out every Wednesday for a new segment! Please reach out to Westen on Twitter if you are interested in taking part in this.

Westen Shelton: When did you start watching soccer, and what teams do you support?

Mariah Fedewa: I started watching soccer when I was 11 years old. Around that time, I attended a USA Women’s National Team game at Ford Field in Detroit, where USA defeated China 2-0. In addition to Lansing Ignite FC, I also support Manchester United in the Premier League.

WS: What is your favorite live soccer moment ever?

MF: My favorite live soccer moment was when I saw Manchester United play against Real Madrid as a part of the 2014 International Champions Cup at Michigan Stadium.  This game still holds the record for the largest crowd for a soccer match in the United States at nearly 110,000 people.  At this game, I had the chance to see Cristiano Ronaldo play, as well as the United squad. Gareth Bale had an amazing bicycle kick during this game as well.

The attendance for this match broke a record previously set at the 1984 Olympic final between France and Brazil.

WS: Which professional soccer player do you feel has had the biggest influence on your passion for the game? Why?

MF: Wayne Rooney has had the biggest influence in my passion for soccer because he was the first professional jersey I have ever gotten. I looked up to him as a number 10 for Manchester United. I also play a similar position on the field. I admired his play and his glory years at United. When my dad and I first started watching soccer, Rooney was the player we looked for all the time. Therefore, he as stuck with me through the years as a player to remember.

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WS: I know that you have recently signed to continue your soccer career at Lake Erie College in Ohio.  Could you go into detail a bit about your playing history, such as the team’s that you have played for, and what it has taken to get where you are today?

MF: I have played for a handful of clubs throughout my years as a youth. I first started playing recreational soccer when I was around 7 years old. Then I played AYSO soccer. I then started my club career off at Crew, which is now Midwest United in 6th grade. After playing there I played for Gators FC, Chill SBC Soccer Club, Midwest United again, and then Michigan Rush. Each of these places has had coaches who have shaped me into the player I am today. For example, Andrew Nugent was one of my favorite coaches of all time. He coached me at Gators FC, and he wholeheartedly believed in my ability almost more than I did.  He expected things of me I didn’t know I could do.  Andrew had the balance of firmness and joking around down perfect.

It has taken a lot of effort, time, and money to get me where I am today. My parents are given credit for that. All of the extra training’s I attended when no one else did, and playing in my basement or outside with my dad, those are things that made me the player I am today. In addition, the research my step-mom did was also a huge help to make sure I played at the best club possible with the best team possible. All of those things and more are what contributed to my success. It has been a hard journey at times, but it was well worth it.

WS: What are you most looking forward to about the Ignite season coming up?

MF: I am most looking forward to soccer becoming more widespread in the Lansing area. I think that it will be a great opportunity for people to learn more about what professional soccer is all about.

WS: What are your main hobbies outside of soccer?

MF:  When I am not training for soccer, playing soccer, or going to school, I enjoy working out, hanging out with friends and family, and running.

WS: Tell me something that you love about the Lansing area.

MF: The thing that I love about Lansing is that is has a little bit of something for everybody.  I love the multiple malls, the large number of parks, as well as the swimming areas in the area. I also enjoy having the ability to watch Michigan State athletics within a short driving distance.

WS: What would you tell anyone who is interested in joining the Assembly Line?

MF: I would tell someone to have lots of team spirit, and to get hype. I would also tell them to be prepared for a loud and crazy crowd.

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