Home Match Days


The Assembly Line will host a pre-match get together prior to every home match at Lansing Brewing Company.  Pre-Match events will begin at 4:00pm ET, which will allow our supporters to gather, socialize, and prepare for 90 minutes of chanting, singing, and supporting!

You can view a list of all of our upcoming pre-match get togethers, watch parties, and more by clicking here.  Alternatively, you can follow us on Social Media, where we will be sure to share essential Match Day information leading up to kickoff.

At Cooley Law School Stadium

The Assembly Line will be standing in the Supporters Section at Cooley Law School Stadium, which will be located at the Chevrolet Terrance. The stadium’s A-Z Guide for the stadium which includes entry restrictions can be viewed by clicking here.

Flags and Musical Instruments
Flags are welcome in the supporters section. All flags are subject to inspection by the club at the entrance before they may be carried into the stadium.

Musical Instruments should be pre-approved by the Assembly Line prior to match day. Please message us via Social Media to request approval prior to bringing an instrument.

Unless during a march, please do not wave flags or play instruments in the stadium concourses. This may result in your flag or instrument being taken away. Flags and musical instruments may only be waved or played in the supporters section.