About Us

The Assembly Line is an independent organized supporters group for Lansing Ignite FC. Our group exists to energize Cooley Law School Stadium on match days and to create the most intense home field advantage in the league for LIFC. Our support for the Ignite is unconditional and unceasing. We will faithfully and passionately support the team at all times and in all circumstances.

On Match Days, we will actively support the team for 90 minutes of every game through coordinated chants, songs, and visual displays. We are not a random collection of individuals who happen to stand in the same section. We are an organized group whose members commit to participate in specific, coordinated vocal and visual efforts.

Our vocal support includes original chants and songs developed by our members, as well as some standards popular throughout the Americas. Our members also produce a visual spectacle in the stadium by creating original banners, waving flags continuously, generating impressive effects with streamers and confetti, and developing new visual displays.

Our Supporters will also travel regularly to support our club wherever they may go, including away season matches and tournament matches.

In addition to supporting our club, we also support our city through various activities such as community service, volunteering, or simply supporting our area’s many local youth soccer leagues.

Our home is located near the Chevrolet Terrace at Cooley Law School Stadium. We encourage fans and supporters throughout the stadium to stop on by our section during a match, or to participate in our chants and songs from wherever you may be located. Ignite supporters in other parts of the stadium can obtain copies of our songs and chants via our website or in person at one of our events.

Lansing Ignite supporters who want to become directly involved in our mission can come to any of our pre-match get togethers or to any of our watch party events to learn more about us. More information about joining The Assembly Line can be foundĀ here.