The Assembly Line’s Top 5 Walking Distance Bars From Cooley Law School Stadium

Let’s be real, a baseball stadium is obviously not the perfect place for a soccer team to play. There will definitely be awkward sight lines in various spots across the stands during Ignite games this year (though as supporters behind the goal, we should have a pretty nice view). And as detailed in previous LSJ articles, flipping the field from baseball to soccer ready will be a costly expenditure all year for the team.

But there is one unquestioned aspect of the Ignite playing at Cooley Law that is a huge win for both fans and the city, the location. Situated right in the heart of downtown Lansing, there are at least a dozen bars you can walk to easily after any game to celebrate victory or drown out the sorrows of defeat. You are also a quick Uber away from some great bars in Old Town or East Lansing as well.

To celebrate this, and as a guide for any visiting fans this year, The Assembly Line held a vote to determine the 5 best walking distance bars from Cooley Law. The results are below, in no order. These are all bars within a mile of the stadium (most of them are across the street). Cheers to what should be a great season!

Lansing Brewing Company (6 Minute Walk)

One of the most obvious choices. Lansing Brewing Company will be the official watch party and pre-game day destination for The Assembly Line. We will be spending a lot of time here, so it is probably a good thing that it was voted as one of the top 5. LBC is huge, has cool decor and a nice patio area for warm days. Their beer delivers, but they also have a nice selection of mixed drinks and wine as well. The excellent bar food means everyone should be able to get something out of their trip here, no matter what they are looking for that night. You will see most of us here before every home game, and there were likely be plenty of Assembly Line members coming back after the game too.

American Fifth Spirits (2 Minute Walk)

Voted the best distillery in Lansing by “Top of the Town” last year, American Fifth is about as convenient as it gets for walks from the stadium. If you need a break from the noise of rowdiness after a crazy game day, American Fifth offers a more low key atmosphere that should deliver. They have an extremely cool and varied list of cocktails to choose from, and they do regular tours if you want an education on what you are drinking. If you aren’t looking for beer after the game, this is probably the best place to go.

Taps 25 (2 minute walk)

If you want craft beer after the game, your safest bet is crossing the street and heading to Taps 25. As the name suggests, they always have 25 craft beers on tap. There is always an excellent variety that changes pretty frequently. They do a great job of featuring many different Michigan breweries as well as some other favorites from across the nation. If you aren’t feeling beer, they also have cocktails, mules, and whiskey. They also manage to fit quite a few TVs into a small space, so it’s not a bad place to watch sports if there is something else on after an Ignite game. I’d say this is one of the best places to drink beer and chill in all of Lansing. If you want to get a bit rowdier, you can walk right next door to our next bar.

Tin Can (2 minute walk)

With 80 different can beers and plenty of liquor options, you should be able to find something to drink when at Tin Can. They also have a deck outside for nice days, and some dart boards inside. Like Taps 25, Tin Can is definitely on the smaller side, so bringing a huge group is not recommended. I’d also say that if you don’t want to make the trek to East Lansing after the game, it is probably the closest thing to a college type atmosphere in downtown. This might be one of the more fitting places to celebrate something like a USL League One Championship victory.

Art’s Pub (10 Minute Walk)

The only bar on the list that you can’t see from the stadium, but Art’s is worth a little extra walking after the game. I’d say it’s the best place to watch sports within walking distance of the stadium, with TVs everywhere and tons of late night food options, the most famous of which is their pizza. The 32 ounce shooper is fun to partake in, and it’s another bar with a cool low key atmosphere after a day of standing and chanting. On nice days, this is another one with a patio area where you can hang out too. Of course, they have a nice selection of beer as well, with plenty of local options.

Honorable Mentions

Midtown Brewing (13 minute walk)

Nuthouse (2 minute walk)

Stobers (6 minute walk)

Moriarty’s Pub (5 minute walk)

-Westen Shelton

About The Assembly Line:

The Assembly Line is an independent organized supporters group for Lansing Ignite FC. Our group exists to energize Cooley Law School Stadium on match days and to create the most intense home field advantage in the league for LIFC. Our support for the Ignite is unconditional and unceasing. We will faithfully and passionately support the team at all times and in all circumstances.

In addition to supporting our club, we also support our city through various activities such as community service, volunteering, or simply supporting our area’s many local youth soccer leagues.

Our home is located near the Chevrolet Terrace at Cooley Law School Stadium. We encourage fans and supporters throughout the stadium to stop on by our section during a match, or to participate in our chants and songs from wherever you may be located. Ignite supporters in other parts of the stadium can obtain copies of our songs and chants via our website or in person at one of our events.

Lansing Ignite supporters who want to become directly involved in our mission can come to any of our pre-match get togethers or to any of our watch party events to learn more about us. More information about joining The Assembly Line can be found here.

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