Meet The Opponents: The Scenic City Alphas (Chattanooga Red Wolves SC)

This is part of our series where we reach out to other Supporters Groups in USL League One. The goal is to get to know other groups in the league, as well as giving a window into the team and the city for any of those who are going to make the trek for away games. Today we talk to Brandon Oglesby of the Scenic City Alphas, the supporters group for the Chattanooga Red Wolves.

Westen Shelton: As you know, there was a lot of tension over the Red Wolves entering the Chattanooga market. You obviously can’t speak for everybody, but could you give some reasons as to why your members are choosing to support this team? And would you say the majority are going to also go to Chattanooga FC games too, or exclusively Red Wolves?

Brandon Oglesby:  There are various personal reasons why Alphas members are supporting the Red Wolves, but I think it is safe to say that all of us are excited about the prospect of watching a higher quality on-field product and the professionalism that the USL brings to the table. Some members still plan to attend CFC matches, but I’m not sure I would say it is a majority.

Westen Shelton:  Being in the same town with a prolific and well-known supporter group brings a lot of challenges in terms of forging your own way and standing out too. What are some of the early plans you guys have to stand out from the Chattahooligans?

Brandon Oglesby: The Alphas are getting a little bit of a late start so right now everything is about ramping up in time for the start of the season. I think as part of that ramp-up we are hoping to come out of the gate a little more organized as far as leadership and structure of the SG goes. We have gotten a number of comments from people that they like the positivity of our group and we want to maintain that, as well as providing a more family-friendly atmosphere in the supporters section than you find with many SG’s. It remains to be seen how we may stand out on matchdays, but we have lots of good ideas floating around as far as tifos, flags, and songs go.

Westen Shelton. What other SGs are going to be your biggest influences and inspiration as you start to put everything together?

Brandon Oglesby:  We have some members who have been in Timbers Army and we have been fortunate that they know the founders and have been able to make connections for us there. TA have been a very good resource for us to get questions answered ranging from ideas for organizing the leadership of the Alphas to best practices for making tifos. I think they are a great SG to aspire to be like as anyone who has seen the matchday atmosphere they create can attest. We’ll never be that size, of course, but we would like to have that kind of matchday energy and that degree of organization.

Westen Shelton:  Red Wolves ownership has also announced the Lady Red Wolves. Does your group intend to support them as well?

Brandon Oglesby: I know we have members who are very keen to support the Lady Red Wolves as well. I don’t think we know what that will look like yet, but hopefully we will be able to contribute to their matchday atmosphere to the extent they know they are in our hearts as much as the men.

Westen Shelton: I know at least a few members of the Assembly Line intend on making the trip out there for our one away game there.  I know the Reedy River Riot also intend on heading that way. What kind of attitude do you envision your group having towards away supporters?

Brandon Oglesby: I believe opposing SG’s will find a very welcoming atmosphere when they visit Chattanooga. The Alphas have made it one of our goals as an SG to provide a fun, family-friendly atmosphere for everyone.

Rendering of the planned 2020 stadium for the Red Wolves,

Westen Shelton: For any Ignite supporter that heads to Chattanooga for a game, tell me where you most recommend they go in your city while they are there. I’m thinking a few places with the best food and drinks, and your top few tourist attractions.

Brandon Oglesby: Chattanooga has a pretty strong tourism economy, so it is a great place to visit even when there’s no soccer involved. Some of the big tourist attractions are the Tennessee Aquarium, Rock City, & Ruby Falls. For history buffs we have the Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park. If you like to spend time outdoors we have lots of hiking and biking opportunities in the area as well a number of other outdoor recreation opportunities. Some of our favorite places to eat and drink include Oddstory Brewing, Feed, Taco Mac, Big River, Lupi’s, Mayan Kitchen, Stir, Terminal, Champy’s, Heaven & Ale, Edley’s BBQ, Beast & Barrel, FoodWorks, Big Chill, Tremont Tavern, Tony’s Pasta, Universal Joint, Jack Brown’s Burgers, London Calling… just to name a few… 🙂

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